Press Release

I’m Art Johnston running for the Minnesota House seat 7B, representing West Duluth.

We are now in the throes of the corona virus lockdown. As a society, we are working together by minimizing social contact and using strict hygiene. This is necessary but has devastated our economy and we must start looking into the future.

One of the hardest hit people will be small businesses and their employees. We, as a government must assure that their financial credit is extended and their employees have money to weather this storm. We have to assure that food supplies are available and clean, and that energy and water are available.

As a state government we need to put a freeze on foreclosures and defer loan payments for small business. And governments need to do their part: we need to freeze property tax at the 2019 level; we need to slash the sales tax—which is so regressive for our citizens that can least afford it in this crisis. We, as elected government officials must take an immediate 10% pay cut.

We need to end the rampant political correctness that controls the DFL, like the asinine ban on plastic bags. We have to start changing irrational political correctness that has stopped rational decision—which is what we need now. We need a political and cultural change to bring us together and to bring jobs back to Minnesota and Duluth.

We have a long way to go to claw our way out of this economic disaster. Bit we have to learn from this. We need to reassess how we got here and advocate for change. We have to learn that easily disruptable global supply chains can have a downside, particularly when we should be having jobs and manufacturing HERE, in Duluth. We must vigorously promote jobs in our area. We must promote the resource industries that built Northeast Minnesota, including the mining industry. We need to support our union brothers and sisters in keeping and growing jobs here.

Costco pulling out of building in Duluth is an example how our government is not friendly to jobs and businesses. Minnesota is among the highest taxed State in our country. Duluth is among the highest taxed city in Minnesota. We need to stop to the DFL gas tax increase; and we have to stop granting more DFL special taxing authority to unaccountable Duluth Public schools.

I have a proven history in Duluth of assuring that our government is by, for, and accountable to the people of Duluth. I will continue that passion by representing one special interest in the Minnesota Legislature: all of West Duluth.

Thank you for your support in changing our governmental representatives to ones that support Duluth.

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Running for a House 7B - Representing West Duluth!

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