Freezing of Property Tax Statement

Most property owners in Duluth saw their property taxes go up by 10% this year. If elected, I will freeze this year’s property tax at last year’s amount, and make a retroactive refund to all property owners. This is a decision that must be made by the Minnesota Legislature, which I plan to be a part of after this election. The corona virus emergency, and government overreaction, has caused massive unemployment in Duluth—an estimated 20% of the work force are unemployed—an estimated 10,000 unemployed, just in Duluth alone. These workers need a property tax freeze until the economy is opened and rebounds. Government must start tightening their belt like everyone else. Duluth Mayor Larson and other state government officials have been pissing and moaning about projected tax revenue shortfalls while they keep spending $millions on new projects. It has been those same government officials that have used emergency powers and flawed, draconian computer modeling to strangle our economy long beyond what is necessary to protect our citizenry. Government claim that they can pick the pockets of tax payers at will. It is time say NO to tax increases.

Published by ArtJohnston

Running for a House 7B - Representing West Duluth!

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