Art Johnston, Candidate for Minnesota House 7B

Duluth News Tribune Column Art Johnston, Candidate for Minnesota House 7B We all know that Duluth is struggling and needs to change.  This was obvious long before COVID, and has to do with the unfriendly economic environment created by DFL policies in Duluth and Minnesota.  Despite being the most beautiful city in the Midwest, Duluth’s wealth hasn’t grown in forty years.   Our schools graduate many students, but we have too few good paying UnionContinue reading “Art Johnston, Candidate for Minnesota House 7B”

Duluth Police Department

It is important that the Duluth Police force be acknowledged, not only as part of the positive community in Duluth, but as being integral to our social fabric.  The Duluth Police have made successful efforts as being part of our neighborhoods and being fair and just protectors of our city.  They are even critical parts of ourContinue reading “Duluth Police Department”

Freezing of Property Tax Statement

Most property owners in Duluth saw their property taxes go up by 10% this year. If elected, I will freeze this year’s property tax at last year’s amount, and make a retroactive refund to all property owners. This is a decision that must be made by the Minnesota Legislature, which I plan to be aContinue reading “Freezing of Property Tax Statement”